The coolest minivan ever? Mercedes unveils space age EQT

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it feels a little bit like minivans (or ‘people movers’ or ‘MPVs’ as... Read more >

Bridgestone 2021 May

EV News & Reviews

The best of 2020

Surely that headline is an oxymoron? The year just gone was one... Read more >

Citroen turns its tiny electric Ami into a delivery...

The conundrum when talking about delivery vehicles in high-density urban areas is... Read more >

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Kart on volts - Mini Cooper SE

Part of Mini’s marketing bumf centres around go-kart-like dynamics. It’s just launched a new electric version of the Cooper. Is it still a Mini,... Read more >


Aussie-made electric trucks enter production

With Holden, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi and the rest all gone, it’s easy... Read more >

Peugeot Nov20

Tesla’s own engineers suggest Elon Musk exaggerated ‘full self...

Here’s the thing. While it could easily be argued that Tesla does... Read more >

Morris goes electric - MG ZS EV

We tried an MG ZS with a small turbo engine last month.... Read more >


Electric vans hit NZ: LDV unveils pricing for 400km...

Up-and-coming brand LDV has confirmed pricing for its new fully electric eDeliver... Read more >

China set to build more electric cars than rest...

While it feels like the motoring industry has been proclaiming that Chinese... Read more >

First Volkswagen ID.4 EVs to land in New Zealand...

While Volkswagen New Zealand has remained fairly coy about the ID.3 and... Read more >