Revealed: Volkswagen reveals gravel-bashing Amarok W580X

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Words: Matthew Hansen
26 Jul 2021

It’s been some time coming, but an off-road specialist version of the Volkswagen Amarok double-cab has finally been revealed, courtesy of Australian tuning firm Walkinshaw.

Walkinshaw and Volkswagen’s Australian arm have today shown off the new Amarok W580X — a gravel-angled sequel to the previously revealed W580 and W580S from earlier this year.

The model aims to tackle the likes of the Nissan Navara Warrior and the almighty Ford Ranger Raptor. Like the previous Walkinshaw and Volkswagen mash ups, the model is unlikely to be offered here. But, we’ve contacted a Volkswagen New Zealand spokesperson to confirm this anyway.

The model follows a similar template to both the Navara Warrior and to Walkinshaw’s last off-road specialist project, the Holden Colorado HSV SportsCat.

As such, the 3.0-litre turbodiesel V6 engine is unchanged. Not a major issue for the model, as it’s still one of the most potent powertrains in class — sending 190kW of power and 580Nm of torque to all four wheels.

The biggest changes, naturally, concern suspension and ride. Thanks to all-terrain rubber, a front suspension lift, and off-road-tuned suspension with a set of MTV twin-tube dampers, the W580X rides higher than any other Amarok.

Seikel underbody protection, breathers, an optional snorkel, rock sliders (off-road speak for running boards), and new underbody bash plate have also been added to make the model a bit more rugged. The bash plate gets some nifty Amarok branding, too, helping differentiate the model from the other Amaroks in the parking lot.

The bash plate is one of a few aesthetic tweaks. A new grille features, as do new LED fog lamps, forged 18-inch wheels, and acres of W580X and Walkinshaw branding inside and out. Aussie pricing has yet to be confirmed.

“The first W-Series was a chance to offer something that no-one else in the market could do – a powerful, dynamic ute that was as comfortable on highways as it was on alpine passes,” said Amarok W-Series lead Nick Reid.

“With the new W580X, our W-Series Off-Road Amarok, we can lean in to another aspect of the Amarok’s platform. We know the Amarok is among the best off-roaders around in standard form, but with Walkinshaw giving it a unique tune, we’ll be able to offer something unbeatable to Australian customers.”


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