Lancia is back… with an electric scooter

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Words: Matthew Hansen
23 Jun 2021

Contrary to what some might think, iconic car firm Lancia isn’t yet dead. On paper, it’s not far away from death — it produces just one car these days in the form of the 10-year-old Ypsilon hatch. Funnily enough the model is a very good seller in Italy, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, Lancia has released a new model! It’s not a Lancia Delta Evo, or a Thema sports sedan, or even a Stratos remaster, either. It’s an electric scooter.

Weirdly enough the scooter is also called the Ypsilon, with Lancia claiming that it offers “a complete, sustainable solution for urban mobility”.

It gets a 250-watt brushless motor, bolted to an aluminium frame. Range is rated at 18km, making it a handy thing to hassle pedestrians with on the tight streets of Venice or Milan.

Lancia says the front suspension system and the honeycomb wheels iron out bumps to make for a more comfortable ride. If you want one, they’re €299 ($509) a pop, and available in either Maryne or Gold.

While the once unbeatable on gravel Italian marque plays around with scooters, the motoring industry watches with baited breath to see what new models are in its pipeline.

Parent company Stellantis recently announced that Lancia (along with Alfa Romeo) would be getting a bit more financial investment and attention in the coming years. With Renault confirming that it plans to re-launch some of its iconic nameplates of the past as EVs, Lancia could be in line to do the same.

“We’ve seen it clearly with some brands like Alfa Romeo and Lancia, on which we could not invest or give resources as much as we wanted in recent years,” Stellantis chairman (and former FCA chair) John Elkann said in March.

“In this new group there will be much greater opportunities than in the past for these two brands, which are based in Turin.”


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