Volvo issues massive global recall

Volvo has announced a global recall affecting over 500,000 cars using a faulty engine component that could cause... Read more >


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This is how much gas the average Kiwi salary...

The Australian analysis team at Picodi has looked at how many litres... Read more >

Mazda NZ to recall a variety of models

Mazda NZ will issue a recall over the powertrain control module in... Read more >

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2019 Audi SQ2 Review - Nothing Askew Here

Audi’s Q2 is popular here, and now there’s a sporty range topper, SQ2. With a hot 2.0-litre turbo, it’s a quick, stylish and talented... Read more >

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid debuts with solar roof

Hyundai has revealed the new Sonata Hybrid, which employs a solar roof... Read more >

The Jaguar XJ13 rides again

UK-based firm Ecurie Cars has just unveiled this. It’s called the LM69... Read more >

Peugeot 508 GT

2019 Cupra Ateca Review, Roadtest

About as often as a car company is swallowed up or goes... Read more >

Jaguar Land Rover is recycling more plastic

Jaguar Land Rover has begun a new pilot programme called ChemCycling which... Read more >

Ken Block Interview - Block-Buster

It was supposed to be the experience of a lifetime; riding shotgun... Read more >

2019 BMW R nineT Urban GS Review - Gentle...

It looks trail ready but the fourth member of the R nineT... Read more >

Holden Chatham Islands Experience - Lion on the Island

We travel to the part of the world that’s first to see... Read more >

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