Solar powered 750kW Nissan ute revealed

Along with all the Coronavirus malarky, 2020 could be looked back upon as the year of the electric... Read more >


EV News & Reviews

The Best Plug-In Yet? - BMW 330e

BMW’s 330e could well be, with improved electric range and performance. But... Read more >

Hyundai recalls electric Kona in NZ due to fire...

Hyundai's fully electric SUV, the Kona, has been recalled nationwide following concerns... Read more >

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Twin-engine, twice as good? - Volvo V60 T8

There is still no BEV rush happening here and until there are some subsidies in place we can’t see that eventuating. Read more >


eActros returns a positive test

No, it hasn’t caught Covid-19, but Benz’s electric Actros is furthering its... Read more >

Peugeot Aug20 V2

Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ finally debuts (with a grave warning)

After years of claims by Elon Musk that Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ autonomous... Read more >

CH-R goes hybrid - Toyota CH-R Hybrid

The authorities overseas, in Europe in particular, are fast heading towards a... Read more >


Transit goes electric

Ford NZ will soon have the Transit PHEV on offer here. This... Read more >

Adorable new Fiat 500 EV revealed with dinky third...

Fiat has unveiled the new 500 3+1 — another bodystyle for the... Read more >

Internet goes wild for Hummer EV, sells out in...

While electric passenger cars and SUVs are very much a reality today,... Read more >