Electric and hydrogen trucks from Hyundai, Fuso confirmed for NZ

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Words: Matthew Hansen
10 Feb 2021

Having confirmed last October that it would be bringing its hydrogen fuel cell Xcient truck to New Zealand, it’s been confirmed that five of Hyundai’s next-generation haulers are destined for our shores as a showcase of the emerging technology.

The news was confirmed in today's latest round of Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund successful applicant announcements. Hyundai will receive $500,000 of funding to secure the fleet for both demonstration purposes and “real-world daily logistics trials”.

Hyundai were one of two motoring firms to be approved for funding, with Fuso also successfully being granted funding through the fund. It has been granted $242,519 to purchase one fully electric eCanter. It will be used for “extended-test drives by potential customers through its dealers. The truck will be tested with various charging options and include the use of Fuso’s eTruck Ready app, and they will also provide eTruck education and training.”

Fuso will also receive $499,500 to carry out a one-ear trial with five eCanter trucks in the proposed Auckland Transport Queen Street Valley Zero Emissions Area. “The project will generate data collected by EROAD and insights to inform future policy development for implementing the ZEA for urban freight, and high visibility.”

The dual announcements come as the New Zealand Government pushes forward with plans to decrease CO2 emissions in New Zealand by approving a Clean Car Standard, which will force manufacturers to reduce the average CO2 outputs across their respective line-ups.

The Fuso eCanter is a fully electric platform with 100–120km of range thanks to an 82.8kWh lithium-ion battery and a 135kW/390Nm electric motor. The Xcient, meanwhile, utilses a 190kW hydrogen fuel cell system with dual 95kW fuel cell stacks. These are combined with seven large hydrogen tanks capable of storing approximately 32kg of hydrogen at 350 bar.

All of this gives it a driving range of around 400km and a refill time of between eight and 20 minutes, with a vastly reduced CO2 emissions figure relative to an alternative internal combustion equivalent.

“Hyundai has a long history in heavy trucks and here at Hyundai New Zealand we're proud to be bringing the Xcient to Kiwi roads and highways,” said Hyundai’s local arm last October. “The Xcient combines Hyundai’s acclaimed world-class diesel engine technology with proven European transmission in a truck built for performance. It's also fitted with the latest safety and traction technology.”

“This is an exciting milestone for Hyundai globally with the launch of the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck, but equally for us and New Zealand as it presents a practical and sustainable option for many industries that utilise trucks,” added Hyundai New Zealand general manager Andy Sinclair at the time.


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