Aussie outfit converting Land Cruisers to electric power

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Wednesday 6 November 2019

An Australian company is retrofitting Land Cruisers to run exclusively on electric power for commercial duties.

Zero Automotives is converting Land Cruiser 70s for the agribusiness and mining industries, calling its creation the ZED70, which stands for Zero Emission Drive 70. The trucks are offered ready to go and Zero will maintain and support the vehicles throughout their lifetimes.

Buyers can spec the vehicles in passenger, single- and double-cab pickup and troop carrier variations. Batteries extend from 20 to 120kWh, the latter offering a range of up to 354km, depending on configuration.

"An electric motor and ZERO’s proprietary driveline adapters and battery modules are integrated into the vehicle. The result is a product with torque figures exceeding that of a twin-turbo diesel V-8. Increased chassis rigidity, lower maintenance costs as well as easy integration of vehicle tracking and geofencing are all possible with the ZED70," says Zero Automotive.

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