Harley-Davidson gives update on EV line-up

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Words: Nile Bijoux
24 Jan 2020

Harley-Davidson has issued an update on its forthcoming range of electric bikes, currently spearheaded by the LiveWire.

The Bar and Shield’s electric line-up will consist of a middleweight flat tracker-inspired machine as well as full-size e-bikes, a balance bike for kids and an urban commuter scooter. We’d imagine more electric motorbikes will join the fray eventually.

The middleweight bike is being called the “next-gen short tracker”, or the “ultimate city bike.” H-D hasn’t divulged power or range figures yet but we’d imagine them to slot in below those of the flagship LiveWire.

Harley has updated the design too, giving it a battery pack similar in style to the LiveWire’s, a more swept back seat and a side-mounted number plate. The headlight is new too, sporting four main bulbs oriented horizontally. The shape reminds of Bender’s visor (the alcoholic robot from Futurama) but we could get used to it.

The American has the middleweight EV pencilled in for a 2021-2022 launch. In the meantime, the company will release the Pan America ADV and the Bronx streetfighter, both with traditional rumbling V-twins.


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