Evoke electric motorcycles approved for LAMS

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Words: Nile Bijoux
7 Aug 2019

Evoke Motorcycles has announced its Urban Series of motorcycles have been approved for entry on the LAMS list.

The Urban motorbikes can be ridden by anyone with a learner motorcycle licence and above. They offer three ride modes with differing power levels; Eco, City and Pro. Eco represents a power output similar to 125cc machines, City is a 250cc bike and Pro feels close to a 450cc.

At the moment, the range consists of the Urban Classic and the Urban S. Both use the same running gear, consisting of a 19kW electric hub motor with a maximum torque of a scarcely-believable 117Nm connected to a 7.8kWh battery. Both machines weigh 169kg, and all that torque pushing a lithe kerb weight means a 0-100km/h time of six seconds.

We’re waiting to hear from Evoke regarding pricing and availability but last we checked, they were expected to sit around the $15,750 mark.


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