Ducati now officially unveils its new Superleggera V4

The Superleggera V4 will have the Ducatisti drooling

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Words: NZ Autocar
7 Feb 2020

The “Super light” version of the already race-ready Panigale V4 motorcycle evidently weighs in at a featherweight 159kg dry. Remove a further 3kg if you opt for the optional Akra exhaust. Ducati isn’t disclosing curb weight but using the Panigale V4 R as a guide we’d expect it to be around 172kg ready to race.

By the by, with the Akra exhaust installed, there’s 172kW on tap, giving it a power to weight ratio of 1kW/kg, evidently the best of any production street bike yet.

To achieve such lightness, which is no more than most 300 twins weigh, it features a carbon fibre chassis, subframe, swingarm, and wheels. Oh, and carbon bodywork too. So pretty much everything of note, bar the power train and suspension. These items evidently subtract around 7kg of overall weight.

Chassis geometry differs slightly from that of the Panigale V4 R, with a longer swingarm more focused for track use. When Ducati isn’t using carbon fibre, they resort instead to titanium or aluminum, adding further to weight reduction. For example, the Öhlins suspension features a titanium spring on the rear shock. Even items like the radiator cap are milled from aluminium billet.

Braking is by Brembo, with an MCS master cylinder and Stylema R calipers.

To enhance stability at speed, the Superlegover borrows an aerodynamics package that’s similar to that of the Ducati GP16 Desmosedici MotoGP machine. The winglets are said to create 50kg of downforce at 270km/h. They also prevent wheelies when accelerating full bore out of high-speed corners, and improve braking stability at the end of long straights.

Best get in quick if you’ve a hankering because only 500 examples are being made, and you’ll need deep pockets for each will cost about $NZ150,000. If you make the order you will also get the opportunity to ride the World SBK-spec Panigale V4 R on track. Furthermore, 30 Superleggera V4 purchasers will get a “MotoGP” experience, with laps on the GP20 MotoGP bike.

Ducati is building five of these exotics per day, and deliveries begin midyear.


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