Ducati divulges details on V4 Superleggera

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Words: Nile Bijoux
21 Jan 2020

It was only a matter of time before Ducati unleashed a V4 Superleggera, given the Italian has built similar variants of all its recent superbikes. A leaked email sent to select Ducati owners has offered the first details on the upcoming limited-edition V4. All 'v' tasty.

The bike is currently called ‘Project 1708’ and will cost a cool $US100,000. Just let that sink in for a second. Shades of the MotoGP bike for the road they created around the turn of the millennium.

Power won’t be an issue. There’s up to 175kW/117Nm from the Desmosedici Stradale R engine with the optional Akrapovic exhaust system (165kW/116Nm with the standard exhaust). It has to overcome the inertia of a package weighing 152kg dry. Old-school Ducati fans will be happy to hear the dry clutch is sticking around from its return in the V4 R.

The preliminary information hasn’t mentioned performance but biplane winglets derived from the GP16 MotoGP machine offer 50kg of front-end downforce at 270km/h. That’s around 67 per cent more downforce than the V4 R’s winglets and even more than the GP19 prototype generated.

Naturally, no expense has been spared elsewhere either. Top-shelf Ohlins suspension is bolted on to both ends while Brembo Stylema R calipers help rein in the rampant velocity.

How come so light? There’s a carbon fibre chassis for starters, as well as CF wheels, a first for a road-going production bike. The new chassis and wheels save a total of 6.7kg while carbon fibre bodywork sheds a further 0.6kg. Nearly 3kg has been saved in the engine thanks to lighter fasteners, that dry clutch and titanium camshafts. Factoring in all the other weight saving bits and pieces, the Superleggera will scale up nearly 20kg less than the V4 R.

Should you want it, a race kit will be offered alongside the Superleggera, consisting of the aforementioned Akra exhaust, a carbon fibre dry clutch cover, bike cover, DDA+ (software and hardware to get in-depth analysis of track sessions), carbon and titanium swingarm cover, mirror block-off plates, a covers for the number plate holder and rear light.

Production will kick off in April, with the goal being five bikes per day for a grand total of 500 units. Each will have a milled triple clamp with a lasered bike number. Deliveries start in May.


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