Watch: Irate influencer lights his own Mercedes-AMG GT on fire

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Words: Matthew Hansen
27 Oct 2020

When we eventually look back on the early 2020s, I’ve got little doubt that the influencer era will be considered a cultural low point. Along with playing a role in the damaging nature of social media and the peddling of conspiracy theories, their cars aren’t safe too.

A Russian vlogger, Mikhail Litvin, recently underlined this in publishing a video of him turning his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S into a sad fiery ball of metal and melted plastic. It’s a sad watch for any petrolhead; as Litvin pours fuel into the cabin and around the car, before awkwardly lighting a trail of petrol in the grass.

Why? According to the vlogger, the car had been a nightmare to own with numerous issues since purchase. Apparently, he had taken the car back to the Mercedes dealership some five times; each time being refused service. The decision to light the car on fire for a video was decided as protest.

This should all be ingested with many, many grains of salt. It’s potentially just as likely that, in the spirit of influencers being influencers, that Litvin decided to destroy his AMG for the audience and attention.

He wouldn’t be the first to do it, either. A fellow Russian vlogger dropped their Mercedes-AMG G 63 from a helicopter last year, having also claimed a host of ‘unsolved mechanical problems’ Litvin’s video has certainly delivered on the audience front. In just a few days, it’s exceeded nine million views.



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