Volvo’s new limiter comes into effect

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Words: Josh Revell
21 May 2020

While there are several Volvos on the market that will hit 250km/h, the new top speed limiter initially announced in early March 2019 will be implemented in all newly built cars going forward.

From now on, the Geely-owned Swedish brand will set the top speed limiter to 180km/h in all cars that roll off the assembly line. While not much of an issue for law-abiding drivers, it does present a problem for those eager to push their cars along high-speed European motorways.

Volvo argues that limiting cars to 180km/h represents a decision taken to decrease the risks of accidents caused by speeding. The company is taking a further step by selling all new vehicles with a Care Key, allowing owners to program additional top speed limitations. This feature comes in handy when a younger member of the family or an inexperienced driver is about to get behind the wheel.

The stricter speed limiter imposed by Volvo is part of an ambitious Safety Vision objective – “Our vision is that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.”


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