Save the date: Audi e-tron GT launch confirmed for February

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Jan 2021

After literally years of flapping about with concepts, prototypes, spy footage, and camouflage, Audi has finally announced the launch date of its highly anticipated e-tron GT. And, it’s soon.

The Porsche Taycan based EV is set to be revealed in full on February 9, 2021 (European time). It’ll mark Audi’s third entry into the world of EVs following on from the e-tron SUV and oft forgotten R8 e-tron supercar.

“The E-Tron GT is a gran turismo. This term originally stood for sports cars that were suited for long-distance races. GT models thus differ from pure sports cars in that they offer greater comfort and a larger interior,” says Audi head of design Marc Lichte.

“As a fully electric gran turismo, the E-Tron GT reinterprets this balancing act by not reducing performance to the sheer output but by attributing a special creative importance to efficiency as well.

“Lower air resistance translates into greater range: We have turned this basic law of physics of electric mobility into the design principle for the E-Tron GT. Form follows function, aesthetics arise from efficiency. The new design language creates a stronger flow and thereby creates refined aerodynamics. The design of the E-Tron GT thus forms the basis for the design of future electric models.”

As previously reported, there’s already been an impressive number of expressions of interest in the model from likely buyers according to Audi New Zealand general manager Dean Sheed. This despite the lack of a full unveiling or a full overseas launch programme … yet.

It’s been confirmed locally that orders for the e-tron GT will open in February 2021. The first cars are then scheduled to arrive locally in June or July. And Audi dealerships all over the country are geared up for it, and other electric vehicle projects scheduled to come down the pipe.

Following renovations nationwide, all dealerships now feature a 50kW DC charger as a minimum. Selected dealerships have a more powerful 175kW DC fast charger — ideal for the GT, which is compatible with chargers up to 350kW.

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