Porsche’s next electric car spotted without camouflage

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Jan 2021

Any questions or uncertainty about what Porsche’s upcoming Taycan Cross Turismo will look like can just about be thrown out the window, thanks to yet another spotting of the EV wagon, in public, with no camouflage.

Spotted in California outside a shopping centre (yep, Porsche isn’t being too subtle here. They wanted this car spotted), the lifted Taycan wagon confirms the lines and proportions most saw coming, while adding in a crazy looking set of intricate forged-look wheels unseen on other spied Cross models.


Curiously the Porsche was spotted in black — a colour that hides a healthy chunk of its more rugged design features, including the black plastic wheel arches and running boards. The photographer, Instagram user @noobphotographer, also took a photo of the dashboard, which looks a lot like the standard Taycan’s cabin.

By and large, the model remains true to Porsche’s original Mission E Cross Turismo Concept, released back in 2018, although (thankfully) it skips over some of the concept’s more unorthodox exterior cladding.

Although Porsche seems happy to flash the Taycan Cross Turismo in public, it still hasn’t yet released many of the model’s mechanical details. Most expect it will utilise the same powertrain as the standard Taycan line-up — a 390kW 4S, 500kW Turbo, and a 560kW Turbo S.

The model is tipped to arrive in Australia in either late 2021 or early 2022. Expect New Zealand to follow a similar timeline.



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