Paul Walker’s 1991 BMW M3 up for sale

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Words: Josh Revell
21 May 2020

The BMW M3 (E30) is still – and will probably always be – the ultimate driving machine for Bimmer fanatics across the world, and this one’s a bit special.

This M3 was previously owned by Paul Walker and was part of his personal car collection. The car is in supreme condition with original paint, well-kept interior, several upgrades, and has only covered 21,320 kilometres. It also features original BMW Hella headlights from the European version of the car and has a set of 16x7.5 Evo wheels. The 15-inch stock wheels, as well as the factory headlights are still available as an alternative if the buyer wants them.

Given the car's condition and history, you wouldn’t expect this M3 to go cheap – and of course, it won’t. The seller, Reserve Auto Group, currently wants $NZ244,000 for this piece of automotive history.


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