Patent discovered with possible RX-9 links

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 Sep 2019

A patent from Japan filed by Mazda may indicate the RX-9 is quietly under development.

The official word from Mazda is that no, another rotary-powered sports car isn’t happening any time soon. However, a few interesting patents have surfaced on the web that suggest otherwise. This latest one is for a “Vehicle Shock Absorbing Structure” and shows a bumper connecting to the platform.

Not much, we know, but Japanese publication Motor Magazine notes that there are double-wishbone front suspension units and a crossmember in the engine bay, which looks to push the engine itself behind the front axle. The magazine also says the platform uses carbon fibre reinforced plastic and aluminium to save weight, both hallmarks of sports car construction.

An unnamed source said: "There seems to be no platform sharing between the RX-9 and other vehicles. I recognize that the RX-9 will be built on an independent platform."

It pays to mention that patents don’t necessarily mean that something will be produced. They’re more so a company can reserve their ideas for themselves, should they want to use them in the future.

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