New Vehicles Sales for June ‘Still Weak’

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Words: NZ Autocar
3 Jul 2020

New vehicle registrations for June 2020 were down by 18 per cent compared with June 2019, netting 11,514 sales, down 2438 units.

However, that’s an improvement on the previous couple of months.

Motor Industry Association Chief Executive David Crawford commented that so far “the market is down 29.1 per cent in a year that is heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The first quarter saw the sales of 32,833 new vehicles while the April to June quarter has seen just 20,866 new registrations, a reduction of 11,967 units.” The new vehicle market is down almost one-third overall this year or by 22,060 sales compared with 2019.

In June, sales of both passenger and commercial vehicles were lower, confirming the market is more restrained during a slowing economy.

Pure electric vehicle registrations for June totalled 131 units, with 54 PHEVs and 590 hybrid vehicles sold.

Registration of 7411 passenger cars and SUVs for June 2020 meant a 15.3 per cent fall on 2019 volumes, while 4103 commercial vehicle registrations represented a 21 per cent fall (1101 units) compared with June 2019.

The top three models for the month were the Ford Ranger (641 units), the Toyota Hilux (595 units) and the Holden Colorado (482 units). Toyota led the commercial sector with 22 per cent market share in June (920 units), followed by Ford on 17 per cent (714) and Holden on 12 per cent (485).

Toyota remains the best selling brand with 16 per cent market share overall (1874 units), followed by Holden on nine per cent (995 units) and Ford with eight per cent market share (868 units).

It was a similar scenario for passenger and SUV registrations with Toyota taking 13 per cent of market share (954 units), followed by Kia with 10 per cent (708 units) and Hyundai with eight per cent (576 units).

The top sellers in this sector were the RAV4 (403 units), Sportage (287 units) and the Corolla (271 units).

In terms of sectors, once again SUV medium vehicles were top of the pops with a 19 per cent share but SUV Compacts nipped at their heels on 18 per cent with Pick Up/Chassis 4x4 segment a percentage point behind.

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