Kiwi transport start-up taking the fight to climate change

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 Aug 2019

Kiwi startup ZeroC officially launched today in Lower Hutt, armed to fight climate change with a range of zero carbon transport services designed specifically for government, business and consumers.

“We’re helping organisations address one the biggest challenge of our time – climate change by giving them a practical way to reduce their own carbon footprint. We all must contribute to fighting this and building a better future,” said one of ZeroC’s founding directors Dr. Thomas Kiefer.

“We’ve only been operating for several weeks now but in that time our customers have already reduced their footprint by a staggering 160 KG of CO2 in this short period of time”, he said.

ZeroC currently offers ZeroC Rides, a business-to-business chauffeur service and ZeroC Rentals, a consumer and business rental car service. It is looking into offering a ZeroC courier service in the future. The company’s fleet currently consists of Hyundai Ioniq and BMW i3 cars.

Currently, the Rides service is focused on the business-to-business model, serving government and businesses but is looking to expand to a consumer model for the wider public in the future.

Wellington City Council mayor Justin Lester said it’s fantastic to see ZeroC, a business with a focus on tackling climate change, launch in Wellington.

“Wellington City Council has put the protection of the environment and climate change at the centre of our decision making and its companies like ZeroC that we want to support to achieve our goal of becoming a zero carbon city.”


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