Italy’s most furious electric hypercar heading here?

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Words: NZ Autocar
3 Jul 2020

Pininfarina has cleared the way for its Battista electric hypercar to be sold in Australia, a handful of vehicles approved for delivery. One or two may end up here as well.

Automobili Pininfarina has partnered with Melbourne-based Lorbek Luxury Cars to handle its sales. Shaun Baker, GM for Lorbek and heading Pininfarina Australia, commented in an interview with Practical Motoring “We’re quite fortunate and proud that Lorbek was able to secure allocation of this incredible luxury hypercar for Australians and our clients.”

While only a few cars are available, up to three evidently, Baker said there was an outside chance that one or two more of the limited 150-unit run would be coming Down Under. He added “We’re so far only allocated around two to three of the Battista, though we asked for four, so we’ve done very well to get that much allocation.”

None of the cars will be right-hand drive, with all Australian and (potentially New Zealand) allocated vehicles being left hookers. By the time the Battista arrives in Australia, the Federal Government will likely have changed the laws, allowing LHD imported supercars to be driven on road.

Pricing is in the ballpark of $A3.5m. Potential owners would have seen the car at the Geneva Motor Show, only it was cancelled along with their trip to the factory in Italy.

Battista is said to be the most powerful car ever built in Italy, the Battista bristling with 1400kW and 2300Nm of torque, sufficient to slingshot it to 100km/h from zero in under 2sec.

Lorbek Luxury Cars will handle not only sales but also service of the Battista hypercar in Australia and New Zealand. The company is also rapidly expanding its new GET Electric charging points and electric vehicle infrastructure business.

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