Internet goes wild for Hummer EV, sells out in 10 minutes

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Oct 2020

While electric passenger cars and SUVs are very much a reality today, EV utes and pick-ups are still very much a work in progress (none are currently offered in markets outside of Asia). But, you get the feeling that the brands who get the recipe just right on such a vehicle are in for a jackpot.

It’s early days, but this seems true of GMC Hummer. In its return to the market, the firm yesterday unveiled its off-road EV pick-up; a 1000hp, 560km range, tri-motor rival for the Tesla Cybertruck. And, like the Cybertruck, the unveiling of the Hummer got people pre-ordering.


At the core of yesterday’s announcement was the first trim level for the Hummer EV; the Edition 1. It’s a high-spec model, fitted with the most powerful and long-range version of the next-gen electric powertrain. Attached was a sticker price of US$112,595 ($169,445).

That might sound steep for a ute, but if yesterday is anything to go by the market is certainly there for such vehicles. According to a GMC press briefing that took place today, the Edition 1 sold out completely in approximately 10 minutes.

There’s some caveats to this, of course. GMC hasn’t actually disclosed anywhere just how many Edition 1 models it’s going to make.

It’s worth noting too that, apart from its launch presentation and the subsequent legions of reports pumped out on the internet and traditional media, GMC also invested big bucks in advertising the model on television during broadcasts of The Voice and the Major League Baseball World Series.

For context, it was reported last November that over 250,000 people had placed orders on Tesla’s insane Cybertruck. Numbers vary as to what the current order count is, but a look through various tech and EV-specialist outlets place current Cybertruck orders at between 400,000 and 650,000.


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