Hyundai recalls electric Kona in NZ due to fire risk

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Words: Matthew Hansen
25 Oct 2020

Hyundai's fully electric SUV, the Kona, has been recalled nationwide following concerns about a fire risk stemming from the battery.

The recall follows Hyundai's ongoing investigation into a handful of fires caused by Kona EV models around the world.

These include a highly publicised explosion that happened in a residential area in Montreal, Canada, last July. There are no cases of fires among any locally sold models.

The firm says that these issues stem from potentially faulty battery cells and software concerns, with the potential to cause a shortcircuit. 

A Hyundai spokesperson confirmed to RNZ that 700 vehicles in New Zealand have been recalled, each built between September 2017 and March 2020. 

Those who own vehicles impacted by the recall are set to be contacted by Hyundai New Zealand to book a service, which may include a software update among other checks. 

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