Chevy’s hard-charging electric Camaro is for sale

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 Aug 2019

Chevrolet debuted a rather divisive new Camaro last October at the SEMA show. Called the eCOPO concept, it ditched the howling LS V8 in favour of a humming pair of electric motors.

Making 522kW and 814Nm, the eCOPO quickly made a name for itself pulling wheelies at drag strips. It’s a one-off creation and now, you can buy it if you want!

The e-Camaro uses two BorgWarner HVH 250-150 motors connected to a conventional Turbo 400 automatic gearbox that channels torque to the same solid rear axle used in the production COPO Camaro race cars. Four 200V battery modules are wired into the rear of the car, offering 800V total power. Chevrolet reckons this results in more efficient power transfer to the electric motor and supports faster recharging, which is important for the limited time between elimination rounds in drag racing.

If you miss out on this machine, it’s not all over, electrically speaking. The powertrain can fit into the same bell housing pattern as the standard LS donk and is being considered as a drop-in crate engine, meaning existing Camaro owners could electrify their cars relatively easily.

The eCOPO will be going under the Russo and Steele auction hammer this Friday evening as part of Monterey car week.

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