Call for 250000 EVs in NZ by 2025

Call for 250,000 EVs in NZ by 2025

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Words: NZ Autocar
3 Aug 2020

Electric vehicle advocacy group, Drive Electric, has released five key policy platforms it says the next government should adopt to help decarbonise NZ’s road transport.

The group says that in order to meet New Zealand’s climate ambitions we need to have at least 250,000 EVs on the roads by 2025.

It’s five policy platforms are

- Develop a bi-partisan pathway for the transport sector to deliver New Zealand’s climate change objectives

- Encourage businesses to purchase EVs for their fleets

- Government fleets to demonstrate leadership on EV use

-Make New Zealand a globally attractive market for EVs

-Encourage New Zealanders to move to EVs

Drive Electric says its membership represents the entire e-mobility ecosystem, including electricity companies, automotive manufacturers, and finance companies. It also states its policies were devised by these members, supported by key stakeholders and external experts.

Mark Gilbert, Drive Electric Chairman says, “New Zealand must reduce emissions by around 60 per cent by 2030 to stay within 1.5 degrees of warming, the target contained in the Zero Carbon Act. Road transport is the second largest source of emissions in New Zealand.

“In New Zealand the light fleet constitutes more than 90 per cent of the travel on New Zealand roads. Therefore, e-mobility is an essential part of our transport future, and New Zealand is ideally suited given our high proportion of renewable energy. We need a bi-partisan target and pathway to create certainty and guide the investment in e-mobility.

“New Zealand will be less reliant on foreign oil, there will be a reduction of air pollution and over time families will save money spent on fuel and operating costs of vehicles. We will also avoid becoming a dumping ground for secondhand fossil fuel vehicles, as other countries move towards emissions-free vehicles.”

Dr Paul Winton, founder of the climate action group the 1.5 Project says of the target, “Reaching 250,000 EVs in the fleet by 2025 is a realistic prospect. If New Zealand was to achieve EV adoption rates similar to what Norway has today for new-to-fleet vehicles by 2025, this would result in 250,000 EV in the light fleet.

The call to action has been sent to all political parties ahead of the election.

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