BMW 545e hybrid

BMW ramps up PHEV offerings

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Wednesday 12 August 2020

BMW tells us it has sold more than 500,000 electrified vehicles since it has ramped up its i-car programme and started offering more hybrids.

The firm says this trend will continue in the near future and it expects to deliver another 500,000 electrified vehicles by the end of 2021.

It’s sold some 50,000 plug-in 5 Series so far, and it will soon have five different plug-in hybrid models in the 5 Series line-up. It has recently announced a new top of the range model in the BMW 545e xDrive Sedan.

BMW says the 545e can consume as little as 2.1L/100km thanks to its ability to cover up to 57km on battery power alone.

It uses an 80kW synchronous electric motor which combines with a 210kW straight six turbopetrol. That means the 545e has a combined output of 290kW, with 600Nm of torque. This flows through an eight-speed auto and turns all four wheels. BMW says it can achieve 140km/h on volts alone while in Sport mode, it can hit 100 in 4.7sec.

It has a 400V lithium-ion battery which lives under the rear seat. The boot of the 545e is said to be 410L, which BMW says is ‘only slightly smaller than those model variants which are fitted with a conventional engine’.

There are various engine drive modes, Hybrid being the default, which is an ‘intelligent interaction between combustion engine and electric motor’. BMW says the electric motor is predominantly used in this mode, with the combustion engine kicking in to add power under acceleration. Sport model taps the 290kW output for maximum performance.

In Europe, the BMW eDrive Zone service will see the hybrid automatically switch the drive to pure electric when the car enters a low-emission zone.


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