“Blatant speculation”: Ford slams electric Mustang rumours

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Jan 2021

One of the big stories around the traps this week has been a fresh report claiming that the beloved Ford Mustang would become fully electric by the time its next generation came. The report has been covered far and wide, and now Ford has started issuing a response to it.

The claims stemmed from Autoline Network. It said that the Mustang’s next model had been delayed to 2028 to allow the firm longer lead-in time to develop an exclusively electric next-gen model.

The rumour aligns somewhat with extended speculation about electrification becoming a feature in the next-gen Mustang — albeit most people making this point are referring to an electrified trim level being sold alongside a pure internal combustion equivalent.

An unnamed North American Ford contact responded in brief to US outlet CarScoops, telling them that the story was “blatant speculation”, and adding that no decision has been made just yet.

There’s a grain of salt to be had here, given that the outlet doesn’t cite the source as being an official Ford statement. It’s also worth acknowledging that the contact didn’t rule out the move, either.

The news continues an interesting week for Ford’s dealings with the media. Earlier this week, an internal memo from Ford was leaked onto the internet by Automotive News. The memo said that employees would face “business repercussions” and “recovery actions” if they were found to be leaking Ford information to the media.

The memo relates to the sea of leaked imagery and information regarding the Bronco and Bronco Sport, plus more recently the surfacing of images of the compact pick-up Ford Maverick. Most images of all three models appeared to be taken on the factory floor, possibly by employees.

Back to the Mustang. It’s been reported that the current S550-generation Mustang has had its lifespan extended — but only to 2025, not 2028. A significant secondary refresh is expected to come next year, and with it a hybrid variant.

By 2025, the Mustang is likely to be Ford’s sole-remaining ‘car’ sold in the US. The firm recently culled all other cars from its line-up, including the Fusion-badged Mondeo, the Focus, Taurus, and Fiesta.


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