Acura debuts Type S Concept

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 Aug 2019

Acura has revealed the tasty new Type S Concept during Monterey Car Week, coming as a four-door sports sedan.

The Concept apes the design language from other recent Acura/Honda products like the NSX and RDX (CR-V) SUV. Apologies for all the TLAs.

That means there’s a chiselled front end with four cubes for each headlight. Looks a bit Bugatti, no? A creased hood hints at some power beneath, although Acura is keeping quiet on that front at the moment. Previously, it said a new turbocharged V6 would power future Type S models, along with a torque-vectoring ‘Super Handling All-Wheel Drive’ system.

The rest of the front fascia features plenty of vents and a carbon fibre front splitter extending right up to the LED DRLs.

A short rear deck and swooping roofline give the Type S a coupe-like profile while the rear end continues the angular theme, along with a quartet of exhausts.

The company says that while the Type S Concept may remain just that, elements of the design, like the headlights, running lights and pentagonal grille, will appear on future Acura models.

Two Type S models will debut in the next couple of years, the first being a new version of the TLX (Accord) which could look a lot like this concept. We asked Honda NZ if there are any plans to bring a localised version here but since Acura is a North American brand, a right-hand drive version is unlikely.

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