AC Cobra Series 1 Electric

AC Cobra to spit volts

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Thursday 2 July 2020

The British sportscar maker AC is to make a limited run of new Cobras, including one powered by volts.

Called the AC Cobra Series 1 Electric, it’ll be the first electric car to bear the AC badge. The firm intends to build just 58 of these silent Cobras, referencing 58 years since the first was made in 1962 packing Ford’s 221-cubic inch Windsor V8.

AC are keeping the authentic look of the original and the EV is based on the original build components with a ladder frame, adapted where necessary to accommodate the batteries. AC says it has updated the steering and braking systems with more modern components however.

The body is made of ‘high-grade composite’ and with the added mass of batteries, the weight is quoted at 1250kg. The originals weighed just over 900kg. Said battery pack has a 54kWh capacity while the motor offers 230kW and peak torque of 500Nm, though a continuous figure of 250Nm is also quoted. The on-board charger has a 6kW capacity. Acceleration to 100km/h is listed at 6.7sec while the range is 240km.

If you still want to fill your new Cobra with hydrocarbons, you’ll prefer the Cobra 140 Charter Edition. It follows the traditional AC naming style with the size of its petrol engine quoted in cubic inches. The donk in question is Ford’s 2.3-litre turbo, as used by the Mustang, and here generates 260kW with 440Nm. It drives the rears via a six-speed manual. Weight is quoted at 1100kg with the 0-100km/h sprint clocked off in six seconds. Fifty eight of these will be made also, with prices starting at £85,000 while the Series 1 electric will be £138,000.

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